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Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Steps to Choosing Safe and Healthy Childcare

South Boise Childcare prides itself on offering information about quality child care to parents and families who are evaluating whether to put a loved one into a child care facility. From information found on idahoSTARS there are 5 simple steps in decisions concerning selection of a quality provider:

1. LOOK. Evaluate the site, programs, and staff by attending a site visit, questioning the staff, and asking for referrals.

2. CHECK. Look over the environment within the facility and make sure medicines are handled and stored correctly, cleaning supplies are managed efficiently, and policies for illness, injury, and safety ready and available along with first aid kits and nutritious foods.

3. COUNT. Evaluate the ratio of adults to children in the facility: 

  • One caregiver per three or four infants
  • One caregiver per three or four young toddlers
  • One caregiver per four to six older toddlers
  • One caregiver per six to nine preschoolers

4. ASK. Question staff training and skill-sets, experience levels, and daily operation. Make sure policies and procedures are followed and understood.

5. BE INFORMED. Always research the facility in question by referencing local resource and referral services found within child care service organizations.

For a more complete listing of these steps and related resources visit the following link:

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